Release Notes JoLetter 6.72

JoLetter 6.72

  • Version for QuarkXPress 2017, Windows

  • JoLetter 6.70

  • Version for QuarkXPress 2017, MacOS

  • JoLetter 6.57

  • Bug fix for special chars in the data source (Windows only, Clipboard ok)

  • JoLetter 6.55

  • Excel documents (xslx) can be used as data source

  • JoLetter 6.52

  • Fix of a possible crash on startup (Windows only)
  • Cosmetic changes regarding user interface

  • Installation

    To install JoLetter please copy "JoLetter.xnt" into the XTensions folder of QuarkXPress and to restart QuarkXPress. For Windows the file "JoLetter.dll" has also to be copied.

    Technical support

    You get technical support for JoLetter by eMail or by phone.

    JoLauterbach Software GmbH
    Stolzingstra├če 4a
    95445 Bayreuth


    Phone: +49-921-7303363
    Fax: +49-921-7303394